Roy Williams Tribute.

This is our tribute to a great man Roy Williams who we first met in the early 90,s were we lived on damhead . When he started to be on the Mrs Merton Show with Caroline Aherne and he became a big part of the show playing the Benny hill look alike was apart of the show till end series when Roy health went down hill. The doctor gave him 3 months to live he had epilepsy and Cancer of the pancreas and he went really low ,and it was my dad who got him involved in the Youth Club which gave him something to live for then he started an initiative were he would award Young kids in School’s that are well behaved and do good things at school sometimes them kids are forgotten about . Seems like the naughty kids get rewarded so this was great idea by Roy. He went round all schools presenting his awards all this he did give him something to live for and he lived 3 Roy Williams .years after the doc gave him 3 months. My dad Nominated him for a Be Proud Award which in 2003 which he Won which was great see his face, the money he won he donated all to the Youth Club which says everything about him he always put others first a great man me my dad miss him so much god bless you Roy R.I.PRoys Be Proud AwardsROY BENNY HILL DAYS GetAttachmentimg167 y roy williamsRoy part our Youth Clubclub prep 007ROYS AWARDS FOR WELL BEHAVED KIDS john biggs/roy williams at the mip market ///

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